I think I am more patient, focused, a better mother and more understanding when I do. My wish is thattakes the time needed for themselves to refuel.
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How do I unwind? Isn't that the question we always ask ourselves? Seems easier said than done but, since I am writing this after just finishing three days of hiking in Yosemite (including the top of Upper Yosemite Falls and ascending to the top of Half Dome with cables), I think it's appropriate. I say that because, sometimes planning a getaway seems so time consuming and expensive and the simple task of "getting away" is the biggest challenge.

"Is it really worth the effort and cost?" I ask myself while juggling work and phone calls to get it done. Yet... here I am, about to start my drive home and, suddenly home seems exciting again, I am re-energized about work and appreciative of everything and everyone in my life. That is one of the best feelings gained from a get away "from it all" excursion. It's funny, though, because my "de-stressing" was hiking over 20 miles a day on inclines that we're so steep sometimes that I was on my hands and knees. But, the exercise, challenge of making it to the top without injury, enduring the elements, fresh air and... the nature! Oh, the beauty of nature... Is there anything more grounding, peaceful and more of a reminder that the stressful silly things in life should stay just the little things and not take up so much of our energy and time?

So, for me, strenuous exercise in nature is the medicine, my grounding and the ultimate example of what "re-fueling my tank" is. Add some headphones and listen to inspiring music that no one else can hear and judge and make fun of you for playing; the same song over and over and over again? That is heaven... That being said, sometimes when I am stuck in an airport or a stressful environment or just walking alone somewhere, it doesn't even matter if I have my own little concert in my headphones. It's like being in the audience of your own movie... The true escape. So, the thought of nature and music in my ears? Heaven... Many of us are quite sensitive and need an escape and re-fueling more than others. Being an artist, I can say that I am one of those people. The older I get, the more vital de-stressing and re-fueling becomes.

I think I am more patient, focused, a better mother and more understanding when I do. My wish is that everyone takes the time needed for themselves to refuel.

Everything and everyone around you benefits. My next adventure is climbing Kilimanjaro! Not sure I can take my headphones, though... I will just have to annoy everyone with my singing!

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