Nature Is the Best Teacher in the World

Pay attention to how your beautiful body works and never take it for granted. The cells, neurons, and matter in your body create a magnificent being. The force that allows these to communicate is love. You are the force that manifests itself into your body to allows your cells to communicate cosmic love and make consciousness conscious.


The sun does not discriminate when it shines; its effulgence goes everywhere. Even on the cloudiest of days, there is an immense amount of sunshine under the clouds.


Have you ever realized how our brains resemble clouds? In a sense, our thoughts come and go like the clouds move in the sky. In It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Charles G. Shaw wrote, "Sometimes it looked like spilt milk, but it wasn't spilt milk... It was just a cloud in the sky."


Have you ever notices our veins resemble veins from a tree? Trees stand together to make a forest.


Have you paid attention to the flower? The fragrance of a flower is formless. There is always room for the sun to come and shine. The petals do not create obstacles for each other; they create room for the sun.



Respect animals, respect trees, and look at the stars. You are nature itself. None of us look like each other. We may have different forms, but that spark of universe is the same in all.