Naturopathic Medicine Week, Some Videos to Share

Naturopathic Medicine Week, Some Videos to Share
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In honor of National Naturopathic Medicine Week (Oct 5-11), I am posting here a number of videos related to naturopathic medicine and integrative cancer care. This taping was done right after I completed treatment for breast cancer in the summer of 2014.

I have had the better part of a year to think about what I affectionately call my kookie cancer year. Though it was fraught with all kinds of stress and challenges, worry and some discomfort, it's also true that I met amazing people, was helped by the best conventional medicine has to offer and learned a tremendous amount about myself and my profession as a naturopathic physician. Using naturopathic medicine at every step of the way helped me dramatically. Diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications and other naturopathic approaches were recommended to me by a naturopathic colleague who specializes in integrative cancer; I came through my year not too much worse the wear.

Naturopathic medicine helped my mental game, aided in my recovery from surgeries, worked to prevent many of the side effects common to both radiation and chemotherapy and was integrated to assist with side effects that did arise. Naturopathic medicine approaches currently help me as I reclaim my vibrant health and hopefully stay that way for a long, long time. I had the great satisfaction of completing in a triathlon six months to the day after my last chemo -- a testament to the power of conventional and naturopathic medicine working hand in hand. Believe me, it felt awesome!

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The videos:

Part 1. Breast Cancer introduction

Part 2. Before Surgery

Part 4. Post Surgery 2

Part 5. Preparing for Chemo

Part 6. Chemo: Your Mental Game

Part 7. Radiation

Part 8. Radiation # 2

Part 9. After Treatment/ Prevention

I am indebted to Rick Brinkman ND who taped & edited these videos. Thank you Dr. Brinkman!

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