Navigating Rights in the Digital Age

Over the past few years, several efforts have been made to arrive at a social network user's Bill of Rights. In the wake of privacy gaffes related to Facebook, Yahoo, Google and, most recently, Apple with the iPad, rights and responsibilities around data and social networks need to be outlined.

This week in San Jose, IT experts, privacy and civil rights advocates, lawyers and tech execs will be meeting for the annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference where a primary theme and several plenary sessions will be dedicated to crafting a Social Network Users' Bill of Rights.

It will be interesting what set of rights comes out of this discussion. Jim Adler, the Chief Privacy Officer of Intelius, Inc. on the panel Information Brokers and Privacy: Where's the Balance, made a point that will certainly frame the privacy discussions moving forward: how we get companies to innovate responsibly.

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