Navigating Transition

To my fellow workers, learners, Millennials and is a pleasure to share the road less traveled with you. Others take the lit and comfortable path. We prefer the cold, dark passageways that offer remarkable experiences. We let the storm inside of us guide us through to exceptional growth. Our lives are perpetually shape-shifting and transitioning. We are thirsty for new things and ways to learn, new connections and new opportunities. That's how I look at it, and this is how it feels for me.

A recent adventure began for me about 60 days ago with my new role at Emergenetics. I have been traveling 41 of those days between work, training and a bit of personal travel. My days look remarkably different in terms of what I actually do than they did just two months prior. I underestimated this change a great deal, and have learned a lot through that misfire. I am now exercising skills and parts of my brain that will be instrumental in my new role as an account manager, but these aren't things I used regularly in my previous role. I have had to tailor-make my approach as I learn these new skills so I can be more productive in how I got about it.

I have moved from constant contributor and builder in marketing to observer and onlooker in business development as I am still on the runway in my new role. Being an account manager isn't just something you turn on over a long weekend. I figure that has been the hardest part of my move-the fact that I haven't been able to actively and directly contribute each day. I have felt like a duck on the pond. Calm above the water, but my energy below the surface is moving a million miles per hour. That same challenge has taught me to continue to trust myself, trust my team and trust the process.

I can tell that this adventure is installing a new dimension of patience in me, as I continue to understand that good things take time.

I want to know your approaches and insights...find me on LinkedIn or somewhere in New York City like where I am writing this from. Is there a leap you are waiting to make and are afraid of the transition? Have you just began a transition or maybe just finished one? I would love to learn from you.