Naya Rivera Hoped Her Abortion Story Would 'Impact Other People's Lives'

The actress shares her story in a new memoir.
Naya Rivera attends her book signing for 'Sorry Not Sorry' in Los Angeles. 
Naya Rivera attends her book signing for 'Sorry Not Sorry' in Los Angeles. 

In her new memoir, Sorry Not Sorry, Naya Rivera opens up about having an abortion during her time on “Glee.” The actress detailed her decision in an excerpt from her book, published in People last month. She told the magazine, “It was very scary to open up about everything.” 

Now, the mother-of-one is talking about why she chose to share her story with the world. 

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Rivera said, “Overall I’ve been getting a really positive response, and that makes me feel really good because that’s why I shared it in the first place — to try to make a change and impact other people’s lives, and other people that may have gone through a similar situation.” 

The 29-year-old also spoke about how her husband, Ryan Dorsey, supported her decision to share her experience. Rivera and Dorsey were dating prior to the abortion, but had split by the time she had her procedure. She revealed that, at the time, she chose not to tell Dorsey about the abortion, but when it came time to writing her memoir, she said he “signed off on everything” and “was 100 percent on board.” 

Dorsey and Rivera got married in a small, private ceremony in July 2014, and welcomed son Josey in September 2015. 

“He’s an actor and an artist as well, so he understands artistry and the art of storytelling. He thought that it was really courageous and awesome of me to include in the book,” she said. 

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