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Nazi Parade Ground and the Stink of German Urine

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I've left England and have made my way to Germany, where I'm filming new TV shows for our upcoming season. And my first stop is a beautiful town with some sinister connections: Nürnberg.

Hitler had a warm place in his cold heart for Nürnberg. Within sight of the castle of the Holy Roman Emperor, who ruled the First Reich, Hitler held his massive rallies to pump up the Third Reich. It's amazing how much actually survives of the place where he threw mammoth propaganda spectacles to build community.

As we filmed this, we wondered if the word "community" was too positive -- but Nazism was community, in both the inclusive sense and in the exclusive sense. With a classic fascist stance, Hitler made it clear: Either you were with him, or you were against him. Today, the rust and the stink of urine at his former tribune is a reminder of what present-day Germans think of this place.