21 NBA Players That Seriously Pulled This Bulls**t

A post dedicated to calling out floppers.

Last Thursday, inside the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, something disturbing happened: Milwaukee Bucks' 6-foot-11 power forward John Henson was seemingly knocked over by a gust of wind.

Of course, Henson wasn't actually blown over by a gust of wind. He flopped, and he flopped magnificently. Flopping has become an art form in today's NBA. It's also total bullshit. So while we can't stop these grown men from falling to the ground, we can create a listicle that calls them out and hopefully embarrasses them. Below are flops No. 2 - 21. Come on, people. 


2. P.J. Hairston vs. the San Antonio Spurs; Jan. 14, 2015

3. Russell Westbrook vs. the Detroit Pistons; Nov. 4, 2015 

4. Lance Stephenson vs. the Miami Heat; May 20, 2014

5. Jason Terry vs. the Dallas Mavericks; April 21, 2015 

6. Russell Westbrook-Marcus Smart Double Flop; Nov. 15, 2015


7. Amir Johnson vs. the Denver Nuggets; Dec. 8, 2014

8. Chris Bosh vs. the Chicago Bulls; Feb. 24, 2011

9. Mario Chalmers vs. the Milwaukee Bucks; Jan. 27, 2015

10. Nene Hilario vs. the Chicago Bulls; Jan. 9, 2015

11. Roy Hibbert vs. the Portland Trail Blazers; Dec. 4, 2015

12. Corey Brewer vs. the Los Angeles Clippers; May 6, 2015

13. Chris Paul vs. the Golden State Warriors; March 31, 2015

14. Iman Shumpert vs. the Charlotte Bobcats; Nov. 8, 2013

15. Chris Paul vs. the Sacramento Kings; March 19, 2013

16. LeBron James-David West Double Flop; May 26, 2014

17. Glen Davis vs. the Houston Rockets; May 8, 2015

 18. Jerryd Bayless vs. the Houston Rockets; Jan. 13, 2014

19. J.R. Smith vs. the Indiana Pacers; May 5, 2013

20. Blake Griffin vs. the Dallas Mavericks; Oct. 29, 2015

21. Stephen Curry vs. the Houston Rockets; May 19, 2015


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