NBA Game Delayed Due To A Pickle -- Yes, You Read That Right

Your move, NFL fans.

The NBA: Where amazing happens. The league lived up to that slogan on Monday night when the Milwaukee Bucks-Brooklyn Nets game was temporarily delayed after a fan lobbed a, uh, partially eaten pickle onto the hardwood at the Barclays Center. 

Jerryd Bayless may have put up 26 points en route to his Bucks’ 103-96 victory, but the play of the night belonged to none other than veteran referee Gary Zielinski, who showed off his courage and fortitude by noticing and approaching said pickle, before grabbing it and removing it from midcourt. 

Well done, Zielinski, well done. This, my friends, is the type of situation for which the league’s referees train so hard. This is what makes the NBA truly amazing. 

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