NBA Defines Latinos In The U.S. With 'Noche Latina' Campaign

Latinos are a diverse mix of different cultures, accents and physical characteristics, which sometimes make them difficult to put into one specific group. However, the NBA seems to have it all figured out when it comes to describing this heterogeneous ethnic.

On Thursday, the professional basketball organization announced the schedule for their annual "Noche Latina", celebrating Hispanic heritage, in an effort to acknowledge their Latino fans and recognize their own players from Latin America, the Caribbean and Spanish descent.

For this year, a campaign featuring Latino pride was created, in which a man speaking in English explains that although he is proud to be Latino, likes Spanish music, and futbol, he also feels very American, and enjoys basketball. (Take a look at the video here.)

“No, I don’t have a mustache; I don’t wear mariachi or flamenco outfits when I go out to town. Yes, I like salsa music, I like rock too. I am Latino and proud. I am American as well. And although I like futbol, the one that you play with your feet, I am 100 percent basketball. NBA is my game: passionate, exciting, unpredictable. This is me.”

Speaking in Spanish this time, a Latina is also presented, clarifying that she is more than an stereotype and although she does enjoy watching telenovelas, the true drama she is interested in is found on the basketball court. (Take a look at the video here.)

“No, I don’t have a small waist and big hips, nor many children or a Chihuahua as a pet. Yes, I speak Spanish, but my accent is from New York. I'm Latina and proud, I am American too. Passionate, sure, for what makes my heart beat. Although I enjoy watching the telenovela with my grandmother, my favorite drama is on the court. The NBA is my game, I'm from here.”

The Noche Latina month celebration will include games between, “Los Lakers” (Los Angeles Lakers), “El Heat” (Miami Heats), and “Nueva York” (New York Knicks), among others, which will be wearing a special uniform with their names translated to Spanish. During that time, Latino music, games and concerts will be available for the audience who attend the events.

Among the NBA’s most prominent Hispanic players are Puerto Ricans Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks, Jose Juan Barea from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Argentinians Emanuel Ginobili from the San Antonio Spurs and Luis Scola from the Phoenix Suns. Dominican Francisco Garcia from Houston Rockets and Spanish brothers Pau and Marc Gasol also made the list.

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