NBA Lockout and NBA Draft: A Full Breakdown (RADIO)

Yesterday I caught up with two of our good radio friends, 56 Sports Radio in Memphis and "The Odd Couple" 610 Sports Radio in Houston, to break down the NBA Lockout every which way, and offer some analysis on the NBA Draft.

In the first segment with 56 Sports, I specifically harped on guaranteed contracts being a 'death sentence' to the league and questioned the owners' supposed $370 million losses during the 2009-10 season. More specifically, if the owners are losing so much money, why do they continue to sign guys to record high max contracts?

In the second interview, I discussed the plight of the NBA and why I don't expect to see pro basketball until January.

I also analyzed the Rockets' draft, including the value of selecting Marcus Morris at 20 and where I see the recently acquired Johnny Flynn fitting in the crowded backcourt.

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