NBA Mock Draft 2011: Version 2.0

We are now less than three weeks away from the June 23 NBA Draft and, with workouts in full effect, things are beginning to shape up.

The Big 12 is dominating the first round, as I project them getting seven first rounders in total, the highest of any conference.

Rumors are still ablaze, but at this point, it's highly unlikely Cleveland or Minnesota will deal the first and second picks. Dan Gilbert has fallen in love with Kyrie Irving while the Ricky Rubio news means David Kahn will likely deal underachieving former No. 4 pick Jonny Flynn and Wesley Johnson or Michael Beasley, but not trade down.

Enes Kanter has continued to impress in workouts with his brute strength and soft touch, and it seems increasingly likely Utah will snatch him up at three.

NBA Mock Draft


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