NBA Mock Draft 2012: First-Round Projections Version 2.0

The NFL Draft has a robust 253 selections and takes place throughout an entire weekend. Major League Baseball has 40 rounds.

But the NBA Draft, at its core, is quite simple: two rounds, 60 picks, one night.

The 2012 NBA Draft is one of the stronger ones in recent memory. Former Kentucky All-America Anthony Davis is the prize, but his college teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is another stud, and one of five potential Wildcats to come off the board in the first round -- something that only Kentucky has ever accomplished, back in 2010.

Shooting guard is arguably this draft's most loaded position. MKG, Florida's Bradley Beal, UNC's Harrison Barnes, Syracuse's Dion Waiters, UConn's Jeremy Lamb and Washington's Terrence Ross could all go in the lottery.

Speaking of the lottery, the real wildcard is UConn center Andre Drummond. One of the draft's biggest enigmas -- both figuratively and literally -- Drummond has the potential to become a multiple All-Star or a massive bust.

This is a deep draft class, though, with great value later in the first round. Illinois center Meyers Leonard, Baylor forward Quincy Miller and Iowa State's Royce White can all be highly productive NBA players and may all be available after the lottery.

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NBA Mock Draft 2012