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NBA Play-Date

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Although Bosh wants to play with James, he wants to do it in Chicago, Miami or New Jersey. Sources say he has told the Raptors those are the teams he would like to go to in a sign-and-trade.

Bosh also could play with Dwayne Wade instead of James in those cities.


What I told Ms. Hamilton-Ginzburg, Marvin's mother, was that if and when Alex Gottlieb was able to unseat Sidney Farkas as the potty champ of the Wellington Pre-School Academy, we would let Marvin play with Sidney. The problem, of course, was that Alex and a newcomer, Arnold Simansky--both three and a half years old, 6 months younger than Marvin--also want to play with Sidney, and their parents have already arranged sign-and-trade deals with us.

What happens in a sign-and-trade deal, I explained again, is that if they sign up a toddler for a full year, cash in advance, they have the option of 'trading' the toddler to another of the Pre-School academies we represent so that they can play with the children of their parents' choice.

Ms. Hamilton-Ginzburg was irate, but I pointed out to her that although Marvin had scored exceptionally high on our emotional intelligence and wellness potential tests, and yes, I was aware that he knew the capitals of all 50 states, and could name all the presidents in order of accession, he was still in diapers. In fact, on the morning of her call, one of our Child Evacuation Specialists had negotiated the removal of Marvin's diaper with him on a trial basis, and Marvin had responded by having a major accident on the carpeting of our Quiet Sharing Space--a slam dump is what we call these events among ourselves--and when she attempted to clean him up, he had bitten her so ferociously, the wound filling quickly with what we have taught our staff to call, in the childrens' presence, their 'gifts,' that we had to take her to a local emergency ward, which means, of course, that our insurance rates will rise before we will be able to compensate for the rise with a revised schedule of fees.

What I suggested to Marvin's mother was that, instead of having Marvin go through the trauma of relocation to another of our Pre-School Academies, she consider the option of having him play with Harvey and Lawrence, two boys who are at roughly the same developmental level as Marvin, though, to be sure, neither is as sought after, for friendship and after-school play-dates, as Sidney Farkas, or even Alex Gottlieb.

The mention of after-school play-dates tweaked Ms. Hamilton-Ginzburg's interest, and I explained that yes, for the standard fee that accompanies our sign-and-trade clause, we could arrange play-dates for Marvin with children of their choice, though the place in which they would experience the play-date would be determined according to the availability and wishes of the requested play partner. A simple matter of supply and demand. If Ms. Hamilton-Ginzburg was interested, I could fax her the applications.

In the meantime, as a courtesy, and because I was sympathetic to Marvin's frustration, as well as her own, I offered to waive the diaper fee for a month, and, given how swiftly our young members changed, and how often many of them were changed, who knew what what might pass between now and then.