Dr. Julius Erving Hibbert, Homer Asik And Milhouse Van Exel Among #NBASimpsons All-Stars

While Seattle still waits for the NBA to return, NBA Twitter went ahead and granted an expansion team to Springfield. Rather than hold a formal expansion draft, the hashtag #NBASimspons was used to fill out a roster -- and medical staff.

Unless you've just learned that they have the Internet on computers now, you know how this works: The hashtag was first tweeted by @BasketballBozos on Thursday morning and within minutes Milhouse Van Exel and Dr. Julius Erving Hibbert were being retweeted and favorited.

From Reverend Kevin Lovejoy to Superintendent Mario Chalmers, below are some of the best combinations of NBA names and characters from "The Simpsons" to come up. As you'll see, some were priceless like a mother's love. Others were the good kind of priceless.