NBC Facing Harsh Criticism For Its Handling Of David Gregory Drama

As rumors swirl over David Gregory's future as the host of "Meet The Press," NBC News is facing criticism for its handling of the situation.

Gregory's looming departure from the storied show, which has been suffering from some of its worst ratings in decades, seems all-but-certain. The latest reports say that he is likely to be replaced by Chuck Todd, NBC's political director and chief White House correspondent.

NBC, though, has not issued any public comment about the report. That's a markedly different approach from the network, which has always responded—either aggressively or more mildly—to such rumors in the past. The silence did not bode well for Gregory.

Surprisingly, the most vocal criticism of NBC's actions came from rival Fox News. Host Greta Van Susteren wrote on her blog that the network was treating Gregory in a "painful" and "wicked" way by not resolving the situation swiftly.

"They are letting one of their longest running employees get smacked around in the media. This is not about whether you like Gregory or not — it is how management deals with an employee," she added.

Gregory's Sunday counterpart Chris Wallace, who used to moderate "Meet The Press," also attacked NBC.

"I think we do have a right to be treated properly and not shabbily, and if you’re going to get rid of David Gregory—and I don’t know if they are, I have no inside information—then they ought to just do it," he told Fox News's Howard Kurtz. "But this kind of twisting in the wind…it’s unseemly."

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