NBC News Crew Caught In The Middle As Israeli Police Fire On Palestinian Crowd

WATCH: NBC News Crew Fired On By Israeli Police

An NBC News crew was caught in the midst of dangerous clashes in East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Ayman Mohyeldin, one of the network's top foreign correspondents, and his team were in Jerusalem to cover violence that has broken out there in the past few days. Tensions have mounted since the body of a Palestinian boy was found badly burned in a Jerusalem forest. There was speculation that the boy was murdered in response to the recent killing of three Israeli teenagers.

NBC said that Israeli police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at a crowd of Palestinians. It added that Moyheldin and his crew were unharmed.

Moyheldin posted footage to Instagram which showed him shouting "journalist!" in the midst of the crowd. He added this caption:

Israeli police firing at crowds of Palestinian protestors and journalists who were clearly marked as such. Despite us yelling that we were journalists they still fired at us and threatened to shoot us if we didn't leave. Clashes broke out in the Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem after a 16 year old Palestinian boy was kidnapped and killed overnight by what locals say were Jewish settlers. The body of the boy was found badly burned and Palestinians were angered that the Israeli police were not investigating the murder with the serious rigor. Palestinians frequently suffer attacks known as "price tag killings" carried out by Israeli Jews. Few of these "price tag attacks" are ever investigated or lead to convictions.


In another post, Moyheldin said that "journalists trapped between a car and Palestinian protestors were being fired upon by Israeli soldiers despite yelling and wearing protective gear clearly labelled 'Press.'"

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