NBC Olympics Closing Ceremony Coverage Criticized For Edits, 'Animal Practice' Interruptions

NBC Criticized For Closing Ceremony Coverage

NBC frustrated fans once again on Sunday when the network decided to interrupt its coverage of the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony to air an hour-long preview of an upcoming comedy series.

Despite record ratings and an unprecedented amount of coverage, NBC has miffed some Olympics enthusiasts by airing the games on tape delay, editing out portions of the opening ceremony, unintentionally spoiling major events, broadcasting Tom Brokaw's documentary on World War II instead of the competition, and more.

It probably, then, should not have surprised fans that the network edited out portions of the 2012 closing ceremony for broadcast, including performances by Muse and The Kinks. However, fans seemed startled when the network suddenly cut away from the closing ceremony to air a one-hour preview of "Animal Practice."

Throughout the 2012 London games, NBC had been promoting its new fall comedy "Animal Practice." In fact, the network had to apologize for the ill-timed placement of one such spot, which featured a monkey on gymnastics rings, immediately following Gabby Douglas' gold medal performance in the women's gymnastics individual all-around competition.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network passed off the final part of the closing ceremony as a "closing party" and said the network would return to its broadcast of the final moments from the 2012 Olympics following the sneak-peak of "Animal Practice."

Angry fans took to Twitter almost immediately to vent their dissatisfaction, a practice that has become somewhat habitual during the 2012 games.

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