NBEEC Overload: "Today" Gets Desperate With Jerry Seinfeld

NBEEC Overload: "Today" Gets Desperate With Jerry Seinfeld

Desperation is never attractive and that was no more apparent than on NBC this morning. Jerry Seinfeld has been everywhere promoting "Bee Movie," but no outlet overloaded the degree of Thursday's "Today" show. Although it's a DreamWorks release, NBC has an interest as they have exclusive rights to air "Bee Movie" in the future and have been airing 20 live-action shorts promoting the film, like this one.

But perhaps the best-spent ad dollars were those spent outfitting the entire control room in bee shirts and the camera men in antennae, both featured in the video below.

They even had cleverly titled NBEEC chyrons over the actual interview. Beerilliant!

But Meredith summed it up as she slipped on her own bee antenna, "Jeff Zucker called and we're desperate."

From NBC, 11/1

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