NC-Sen: Charlotte Observer Endorses Elaine Marshall

Important win for Elaine Marshall this morning in the Charlotte Observer. Not only is it an example of the campaign's growing momentum, but it's a remarkable endorsement that sums up the race perfectly.

Here are some excerpts:

We believe Elaine Marshall best combines the experience, achievement, temperament and intellect to make a promising U.S. Senator.

Marshall's story is one of an underdog who has made good. Marshall became the first woman elected statewide to executive office in North Carolina in 1996, when she defeated NASCAR legend Richard Petty in a race for secretary of state. She has won re-election three times since and is the only one of this bunch to have won statewide. In 2008, she won more votes in a contested race than anyone but Attorney General Roy Cooper.


Her 13-plus year performance as secretary of state has been impressive. She was instrumental in bringing about lobbying and ethics reforms. She brought organizational skills and technological upgrades that have vastly improved the performance of her department. She is recognized for her efforts to combat counterfeit goods and protect copyrights. And she has battled consumer fraud.

This one is my favorite -- it's exactly why I support Elaine's campaign:

Marshall is authentic, smart, experienced and public-service oriented. She has taken on special interests and won.

This endorsement comes off the heels of a big day for our campaign having traveled all across the state hitting Democratic county conventions. Plus, it's another sign of momentum after last week's debate where all the pundits agreed Elaine was the clear winner out of all the candidates.

But with just 16 days left until the primary we still need your help. Here some quick action items:

Thanks for your continued support!