Durham Mayor Bill Bell Stands With Elaine Marshall!

Elaine Marshall has won two HUGE victories in the battle for the Durham vote today.
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Elaine Marshall has won two HUGE victories in the battle for the Durham vote today.

Durham Mayor Bill Bell and the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People announced they were both supporting Elaine's campaign today for U.S. Senate. Both candidates in the runoff election have focused heavily on Durham -- Elaine placed second in the primary behind Ken Lewis, who is now her Campaign Chairman, and these latest endorsements highlight the momentum our campaign has.

It is time for us to unite behind Elaine Marshall. In my opinion Marshall's better suited to beat Burr, and she's proven that she's ready to stand up and fight for the people of North Carolina. -- Mayor Bell

Elaine Marshall:

"Support from Mayor Bill Bell and the Durham Committee highlight our efforts in Durham. I'm proud to have their support."

These two endorsements follow a series of important local announcements for Elaine. The Durham-based Independent Weekly endorsed her last Wednesday along with trailblazing Civil Rights leader and former North Carolina Central University Chancellor Julius Chambers. Last Friday, Elaine also received big boosts from from key members of Durham's state legislative delegation: Senator Floyd McKissick, Representative Larry Hall, and Representative Mickey Michaux.

These endorsements add to our campaign's solid base of support in Durham. Her former rival Ken Lewis, who carried Durham May 4th, has endorsed Elaine and is now Campaign Chair and the People's Alliance, a progressive advocacy group in Durham, endorsed her in March.

Elaine was also named "Outstanding Democratic Woman Elected Official" for 2010 this weekend. Not a bad start to the week with less than two weeks left until the June 22nd runoff.

Learn more:http://elainemarshall.com

Vote early:http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/content.aspx?id=17

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