NC-Sen: Local Teamsters Endorse Elaine Marshall

Breaking just moments ago is another sign of the incredible momentum Elaine Marshall's campaign for U.S. Senate has. Local Teamsters out of Charlotte are rejecting the national's endorsement of Cal Cunningham and instead backing Secretary of State Elaine Marshall.

The endorsement stems from deep frustration on the ground that the national Teamsters didn't endorse Elaine despite significant local support and recommendations. Elaine is a union member, a staunch supporter of EFCA, and someone who has fought for union causes over the course of her public service. The national Teamsters pushed an endorsement of Cal Cunningham in the primary, who would later go on to betray their support by flip-flopping on EFCA and other important issues.

This endorsement comes off the heels of Elaine's stellar performance in Wednesday's debate and a remarkable editorial endorsement from the Charlotte Observer. It's certainly the start of another great week!

Local President Ted Russell:

"Elaine Marshall has stood with us for years. She has protected our pensions and insurance," said Local President Ted Russell. "We know where she stands and we can't say that about the other candidates."

Elaine's response:

"I'm proud to have the endorsement of the Teamster's rank and file," said Marshall. "I look forward to working with them in unseating Richard Burr."

Elaine was also endorsed today by Pam Spaulding, founder of Pam's House Blend. Pam endorsed Elaine because of her clear and consistent leadership on "Civil Rights" issues like DADT and ENDA.

We are down to just 15 days left in the primary, and Elaine needs your help to finish this fight and go on to beat Richard Burr. If you strive to see a Senate with some backbone -- a Senate that's more progressive and takes on Wall Street and corporate lobbyists then Elaine Marshall is your candidate in this race.

She's the only one with that record -- and she's the only one who can defeat Richard Burr!

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