NC-Sen: Marshall Slams Burr for Voting Against Wall Street Reform

Last night, Senator Richard Burr joined 36 of his Republican colleagues in voting against the historic Wall Street reform bill that passed the Senate 59-39. The Wall Street Reform bill has been lauded by economists across the political spectrum as the most significant package of reforms since the Great Depression.

His rival, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall blasted him in a release this morning:

"Richard Burr's vote against financial reform is a slap in the face to anyone who has lost a job, watched their savings shrink or been harmed in this recession. He has once again shown that his allegiance lies with Wall Street banks, not the people of North Carolina. It's time to send Richard Burr home." -- NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall

The financial reform bill will protect Americans by reigning in abusive Wall Street practices, and by promoting responsibility and accountability from the financial sector. The bill establishes important safeguards that will guard against future financial crisis like the one that caused the current recession.

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