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Ne Quittez Pas, Japanese Restaurant, Unveils $110 Menu With Dirt As Star Ingredient

gravel pebbles found only in...
gravel pebbles found only in...

While there are many examples of humans eating dirt throughout history -- perhaps due to certain disorders or out of necessity -- dirt is not typically something that one finds at high-end restaurants. That is, until Ne Quittez Pas restaurant in Tokyo revealed its $110 menu with dirt as a featured ingredient.

Rocket News 24 details the menu and the various dirt courses, which include potato starch and dirt soup, salad with dirt dressing, aspic with a layer of sediment, dirt risotto, and dirt ice cream and dirt gratin for dessert.

The meal was quite good, according to Rocket News 24, and didn't actually taste like dirt at all. This likely has to do with the dirt that is sourced, as well as the talent of the chef. The soil is tested for its safety and purity.

Still, willingly eating several courses with dirt might be a bit too adventurous for many palates. Would you try it?

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