Ne-Yo 'R.E.D' Reviews, 'Skyfall' Critiques, Aerosmith's Latest Notices and More: The Week In Ouch

It's another week loaded with music and movie releases, and once again, the world's critics are here to express their opinions on which flopped.

In music Aerosmith has returned with "Music from Another Dimension." The album received lukewarm reviews with many critics highlighting the records production quality as a huge downside to overall work. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo's "Red" seemed to alienate him from the R&B sound for which he's best known; still, it was praised for holding several strongly produced songs. Rounding out this week's new music is Kylie Minogue's "The Abbey Road Sessions" which received some of the weakest reviews due to its stale and predictable sound.

In movies, James Bond made a triumphant return to the big screen in "Skyfall." Most critics gave the film rave reviews but a few felt the movie may have taken a unnecessary leap into more serious storyline. "Nature Calls" faced a totally different issue with jokes and immature humor many critics felt no adult could even pretend to find funny. Though an enjoyable film, "Citadel" was undermined by forced scares that were ill timed while "Café de Flore" also fell victim to a similar fate.

Check out some of the week's harshest reviews in the slideshow below. Did these critics go too far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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