This Dad Pushes His Daughter In Wheelchair Through All Her Marching Band Performances

What a dynamic duo.

This family knows how to show school spirit.

During every home football game, Kevin Houston joins his daughter, Eva, and her Omaha, Nebraska, high school marching band on the field for the halftime show. The 14-year-old freshman has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Eva’s father pushes her chair during each practice and performance, allowing her to move in formation with the rest of her bandmates, reported.

"You drop your kids off at school and you don't get to experience their day with them,” Houston told the news outlet. “So I'm very grateful to be part of her life."

Omaha World-Herald reported

After attending a band camp over the summer, Eva came to Westside High School in the fall with hopes of joining the music group, but knew she needed an aide to help her with the marching. So the teen turned to her father, a former musician who once played for a national drum and bugle corps, Omaha World-Herald reported. Houston had the rhythm and experience to make himself and Eva the perfect team.

“I think we have it easier,” Eva told the news outlet, “because he only has to memorize the drill, and [I memorize] the music.”

Omaha World-Herald

Four days a week, Houston leaves his job to attend band practices with Eva. At football games, he sits in the stand, but then joins Eva on the field during halftime. The extra time spent together has been extra special for both the father and daughter.

"At first I was doing it for Eva and didn't realize how much I'd enjoy it as well," he told "I've always been in bands throughout high school and college, so it brings back a lot of memories for me."

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