The 20-Second Cure For 'Smartphone Neck' (VIDEO)

The 20-Second Cure For 'Smartphone Neck'

Most of us spend a good part of our day looking down at our phones, tablets and various devices. While it's incredibly convenient to have everything from email to games in the palms of our hands, it can also be a quite literal pain in the neck.

According to fitness expert and author of The Roll Model Jill Miller, looking down too much at our devices can lead to both neck pain and neck instability. The good news: There's a cure, and all it takes is 20 seconds. In the above video from the web series #OWNSHOW, Miller demonstrates the simple exercise that can make a big difference.

"To do this, all you need is your own hand," she says, sitting up with her back straight. "You want to have your skull right above your rib cage. Your left hand pushes against the side of your head -- you want to try to meet your pressure -- and hold for five seconds."

jill miller demonstrating neck pain relief stretch

Then switch to the other side, with your right hand pressing against the right side of your head.

"The head actually doesn't move anywhere. You just want to meet your own strength," Miller instructs.

Next, do the same thing going forward, pushing your hand against your forehead. Finally, interlace your fingers behind your head and push from this position as well. It's a quick technique, but don't be fooled into thinking it's a total piece of cake.

"I'm actually shaking," Miller says, as she demonstrates the moves. "There's a lot of work going into this!"

The impact of this exercise is powerful as well. "Your head will literally fit on top of you better -- and it might just be the impetus to not let your head drag down the next time you pick up your cell phone," Miller says with a smile.

Still feeling pain in your neck? Try using this secret pressure point to find relief.

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