This Ned Flanders-Themed Band Is Now The Best Band (Sorry, All Other Bands)

Rod, Todd, cover your eyes.

So you're a fan of other "Simpsons" metal groups like System Of A Klown, Itchy And Scratchy Band and Milhouse Of Death*, but you've never heard of Okilly Dokilly?

This metal group out of Phoenix, Arizona, is so inspired by the "Simpsons" character Ned Flanders, they even don his trademark green sweater over a pink collared shirt when playing, accented by some round specs and, of course, his must-diddly-ustache. 

The quality of their recording on Bandcamp probably doesn't accurately highlight the band's talents, but the songs are worth giving a listen, if only to imagine five Ned Flanders with five left-handed instruments getting crazy on stage.


And since you're probably wondering what they look like ... CUE STANDARD BAND PHOTO SESSION IN ABANDONED INDUSTRIAL SETTINGS!


*As far as we know, none of those bands exist.


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