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Need to Know This: "Surprize" Your Guests Over the Holidays!

Hosting a gathering with family or friends for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years?
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Hosting a gathering with family or friends for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Years? If you would like to add a fun element of surprise to your soiree, check out these party enhancers by TOPS Malibu! The unique items include "suprize balls" and cornucopia cones filled with trinkets and goodies, sparklers, treasure fortune candles and more.

TOPS Malibu has created party favors for the Academy Awards, The Grammys, DreamWorks, Disney, Imagine Entertainment and even a Presidential Inauguration! They offer many unique items to choose from for your event. They include Sparklers in the shapes of numbers and letters, Surprize Balls that unwind to reveal vintage keepsakes, Conversation Games to inspire connection, Wish Capsules to hide a secret or keep a promise, and more. The company will also personalize and create custom products for a special event.

I discovered these amazing finds last year when shopping for some Thanksgiving table items at Bountiful, a bric-a-brac shop located on the hip and stylish street of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice (California). I purchased the Thanksgiving cornucopia there to share with my guests as an after dinner activity. After enjoying a big Thanksgiving dinner, we all gathered in the living room to open the cornucopia. Each guest (ranging in age from three through 75) passed it around and selected a "surprize" to share with the group. This was so much fun that I am going to make it a yearly ritual! Read on for more details and see my favorite entertainment picks for each holiday from the TOPS Malibu collection:

Thanksgiving: The Surprize Cornucopia
Traditionally, a cornucopia is a large horn-shaped container overflowing with flowers and produce, to symbolize abundance and nourishment. These are perfect to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner or to have at your own. The Cornucopia Cones are available in four different sizes, 32" Grande, 17", 8", and a mini. Each contains Surprize Balls and many other themed items. They are also refillable so you can always reuse and customize the treats.

17" Surprize Cornucopia Thanksgiving, $21

Deluxe Surprize Ball Crackers are also fun to put on the Thanksgiving Table.

Deluxe Surprize Ball Thanksgiving Cracker, $17.90. Includes 12 prizes each.

Hanukkah: A gift envelope to open each day of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Gift Envelope, $11.00

Eight envelopes may include a wish capsule, good fortune, gem, candy, toy, charm, pendant, vintage miniature, and more.

Inside the Hanukkah Gift Envelope

Christmas: Deluxe Surprize Ball Holiday Ornaments
Vintage holiday-inspired treasures are tucked carefully within layers of colorful crepe paper--unwind to reveal and celebrate!

Deluxe Surprize Ball Holiday Ornament, $18.00 Contains 12 prizes.

These mini Surprize Holiday gift boxes make great stocking stuffers!

3" mini Surprize Holiday Gift Box, $10. 6 prizes included.

New Years Eve: Sparklers, Confetti and Happy New Year Surprize Balls

Milestone Sparklers 2015 - 4 PCS, $15.50

The Confetti Fountain contains gold and silver metallic butterflies, hearts, stars and streamers. Compressed air shoots confetti 15 ft. into the air!

Confetti Fountain in white, gold and silver, $11.50.

Deluxe Surprize Ball New Years Black, $17.00.

Deluxe Surprize Ball Party Girl, 18.00. Contains 12 prizes.

Here's a look at what's inside a Surprize Ball! Surprises inside vary by style & may include: vintage-inspired toy, keepsake, charm, gem, sweets, confetti popper, fortune, temporary tattoo, quote & more.

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