Tricked Again! Halloween Reports Of Needles In Candy An Annual Hoax

Some people just take the whole "trick" or treat thing a bit too seriously.

It's hard to imagine anything worse than opening up your favorite candy on Halloween and finding a dangerous, sharp piece of metal hidden inside the packaging.  

Of course, part of Halloween is being scared of phantoms that aren't really there.

Pennsylvania police investigated claims of a "needle-type item" found in candy that was given out to five young trick-or-treaters on Saturday, according to Fox 29. Authorities later determined the reports were unfounded, and the children and the parents recanted their statements.

And this isn't the only needle-in-candy hoax making the rounds this year. 

A 15-year-old Maryland boy said he found a sewing needle in his Twizzlers after trick-or-treating with his family. He later admitted it was a hoax when police investigated the situation, according to NBC Washington. 

Reports of needles or razor blades showing up in wrapped candy bars run rampant during the Halloween season. Seriously, it happens a lot. Snopes reports that rumors like these have been around for decades, and nearly all of them turned out to be hoaxes.

Some people just take the whole "trick" or treat thing a bit too seriously.

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