Neenah, Wisc. Family Discovers Fully Stocked Fallout Shelter In Their Backyard (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Surprising Contents Of A '60s Fallout Shelter

A Neenah, WI family got quite a shock when they discovered that a fallout shelter in their backyard wasn't empty, but instead, fully stocked. The Zwick family has lived in their current home for ten years, and always knew that the bunker in the backyard existed. But they believed it was empty.

The stocked shelter is just one example of the fears that many Americans felt during the Cold War, when the threat of nuclear warfare was all too real. The shelter was designed to protect the family from the radiation of a nuclear bomb and was stocked with supplies for a two-week period.

Not only is it fascinating to see the well-preserved time capsule, but it's also interesting to see what the 1960s family deemed necessary for two weeks underground.

Stored inside metal World War Two army surplus cases were items like toilet paper, paper towels, candles, clothing, bedding and medical supplies. And then there were foodstuffs that -- like many processed foods available today -- could withstand a bomb or two: Tang, Corn Flakes and Butterscotch Bits.

Watch the video above to check out this time capsule from the '60s and check out some of the photos from the shelter in our slideshow below:

Neenah, Wisconsin Fallout Shelter

Check out the full video here.

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