What Your Phone Is Really Doing To Your Life

Don't underestimate what you're missing while staring at your phone.

For everyone who has ever brought their smartphone to the dinner table, psychologist and author Daniel Goleman has a message for you: Your attention is under siege.

"Over and over, my wife and I are out at a restaurant, and we put our phones aside. You look around...candlelit room, nice tablecloths, and the couple is looking at their smart phones -- not into each other’s eyes!” Goleman says in the above video from "SuperSoul Sunday."

In his book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Goleman says our addiction to our devices is robbing us of meaningful moments.

"It's like it's stealing life is what it's doing," he says. "Life is with people. Life is in those moments when they connect. And it's continually interrupting."



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