Negative Slave

The concept of the "negative slave" is one that I have been working with since my last album Dark Rift as can be evidenced here, in the opening sequence for the "situationist performance" for my video for "Cyclical Cyclical." I love language and wordplay, and pairing words together to create strong mental images and to play with reality. The phrase "negative slave" seems incredibly powerful to me. Each are power words that carry their own weight. The phrase can go both ways... meaning an actual slave that is negative, a person under full control of the mind and body, OR it can be taken as the opposite, the "negative" of the slave. Meaning someone who is free from control. This is what I mean when I say "negative slave" -- a person released from any form of control, (social, physical, mental, biological, etc.), one who is in touch with their true individual selves.

It being one of my favorite songs from my record, I knew I wanted to make a music video for the song. I had the amazing chance to visit and perform and hang out in Mexico City in April, and I documented a lot of my trip there using a small digital camera.

I have a very large interest in ancient cultures, their civilizations, and global consciousness in the ancient world. I was very exited to visit one of the largest cities of the pre-Colombian Americas, TEOTIHUACAN. and I knew I wanted to shoot some of the video on top of the pyramids.

The shots of me lip syncing on the pyramids were shot while I was under the influence of LSD. The experience of being enhanced by the psychedelic compound while being in such a sacred place was nothing short of magical.

That being said, the video is supposed to be very fun and not extremely conceptual. I wanted to create a "lifestyle video" sort of like a rap video, that just is a window into my daily life. As if my daily life consists of being on acid on top of 2000 year old pyramids, yes.

Other shots in the video are from different situations and happenings in Denver, like "Real is a Feeling," art performances, shows at Rhinoceropolis, and even video shoots at Red Rocks for fellow Denver electronic artist, Real Magic. UFO hotspot Nederland, Colorado makes a cameo in the video as well as a starchild and a stone.

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