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20 Photographs That Prove Negative Space Can Be Positively Gorgeous

Negative space, in art, is defined as the area that surrounds the subject of an image. Think the black blanket of night cast against the jagged edges of a skyscraper, or the misty blue ocean punctuated by a lone figure in the middle. Cutting out the excess, eliminating the drama, negative space allows our eyes to focus on the subject of an image, no matter how subtle it may be. It also allows us to revel in the beauty of simplicity, the artistic equivalent of staring at a cloudless sky.

Today we're honoring a group of photographers who know the power of negative space. The following images were contributions to Eyeem's Negative Space Challenge, which dared artists to utilize empty space in radical and inviting ways. Below you'll see the power of negative space as realized by painted walls, blue skies, concrete streets and shadowy interiors.

To see more contributions from the photo challenge, visit Eyeem's blog here.

By Shio

By Shinnya

By David

By Louie

By Silvia

By shabab

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