Negative Thinking: Oprah and Deepak Say, 'You Are Not Your Thoughts' (VIDEO)

During an episode of "Oprah's Lifeclass: The Tour," Oprah and thought leader Deepak Chopra discuss spiritual solutions. Oprah shares with the audience a mental exercise that she once learned from a yogi -- an exercise that helps her become more conscious that, as she says in the video, we "are not all of the thoughts that are coming to [our] head all day long." (You can try the exercise too! Just watch.)

This simple spiritual tool helped Oprah realize that she holds the power to stop negative thoughts. "You have the ability to control what you are thinking," she says. "You can stop yourself."

"Most of the time, people are not consciously observing their thoughts," Deepak points out. "Most of the time, they're not consciously thinking their thoughts."

He continues, "Our thoughts normally come from past experiences -- or what we call 'karma' -- which creates memories, which then creates desire and imagination... which then creates karma all over again. This is the soul's journey."