'Negro Winter' Is Upon Us, At Least According To Marlon Wayans

“So basically, it’s cold."

Marlon Wayans has spent most of his career telling jokes and spoofing notable films, so it’s no surprise that he would add a touch of humor to the weather.  

In promotion of his forthcoming comedy film "Fifty Shades of Black," Wayans appeared on FOX5 DC’s GoodDayDC where he revamped the local affiliate’s weather forecast segment with a shade of “black.”

“So basically, it’s cold. When you see 30s (degrees), what we like to call that is ‘Negro Winter,’” he said during the segment. “That means black people, we don’t like to go outside because we get ashy... This is the weather where you don’t know if it’s gonna rain, if it’s gonna snow. So sisters, please make sure you pack a plastic bag because you don’t want to mess the weave up if the snow come.”

Besides forecasting the weather, the “In Living Color” star discussed what it takes to make a parody film, such as ”Fifty Shades of Black” and “Scary Movie."

"You can parody anything,” he said to the GoodDayDC co-hosts. “But reality it's just the way you see the world. I look at the world, what everybody sees as horror or drama, I see jokes. That's just the way I’ve been since I was a kid."

Check out more of Marlon Wayans’ GoodDayDC weather segment in the clip above, and his interview below.

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