Negroponte's Confession Convicts the Bush Administration

Negroponte's Confession Convicts the Bush Administration
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"It (waterboarding) wasn't used when I was director of national intelligence, nor even a few years before that," he said. "I get concerned that we're too retrospective and tend to look in the rearview mirror too often at things that happened four or even six years ago." - John Negroponte, evil-doer.

Waterboarding is "an important tool." - Dick Cheney

"The things that I used to do, Lord I don't do them no more." - Elmore James, poet

In a court of law, how much weight do you think this statement by the accused would carry, "Your honor, I know I stole that car, and used it to sell heroin, but that was in 2003, your honor. I don't do that no more."

Congress has it wrong. There is a taste for justice in America. American is now the face of evil in the world. The Republicans have crushed every ounce of the humanity, compassion, justice and morality that Americans thought they stood for.

Obama nor anyone else on the Democratic side can bring us together as long as the Republicans carry on as though they've done nothing wrong. The day that a major figure rises in the Republican Party who is sincere about working out America's problems alongside Democrats, any attempt by the Democrats to be "bipartisan" is doomed.

For proof, check the record of the 110th Congress. The Mitch McConnell's and John Boehner's of the world have not moved an inch. What's Obama or anyone else going to do about them? Remember, JFK and his brother may have inspired a generation but they were murdered along with Martin Luther King by people of the same mentality who waterboard, or order waterboarding.

The depth of the evil the Republicans and those who comply with them is staggering and unabated. Let's be clear about that. No need to enumerate their sins here. We know what they are. Congress does too, yet they will not act.

Criminals. Criminal acts deserve criminal penalties. A man goes to jail for years for the crime of smoking crack in a pipe. The Republicans get rich from their crimes. And laugh at people like us.

Congress, where is your sense of justice? Or are you just as complicit, cozy in your little club in Washington.

Americans want justice. We think of ourselves as a just nation. Where is the justice for the criminals of the Bush administration...from the top down.

Yes, you've heard all this before. No, it can't be repeated enough.

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