Neighborhood Garage Door Service could be Your Most Important Security Investment

Neighborhood Garage Door Service could be Your Most Important Security Investment
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Self preservation, or in everyday language, security is the first natural instinct in not just humans, but all life forms. It is why we focus so much energy, time and resources on anything we consider a threat to or enabler of our safety and other people and things of interest to us. It is also why we’re always concerned about the condition of the door.

Home security is important

Home security is important

Many people also understand the importance of doors in ensuring their privacy and comfort and keeping them safe from thieves and intruders. But do you realise that your garage door could be your single most essential item for your adequate home security? Here’s how.

Garage doors are built to effectively shelter and protect some of your most prized possessions such as your cars and heavy machinery or to serve as a warehouse for bulk materials. You could also occasionally put the space into other creative and fun uses such like as a home office, workshop or garage sales.

Slidign door to protect you.

Slidign door to protect you.

Alexa Bing

However, Robert Hartman, who is a one of the lead technicians at Neighborhood Garage Door Services, says regardless of the comfort, convenience and sense of security that a garage door provides, a homeowner must never ignore any signs of potential trouble.

“When it comes to garage doors, a homeowner must make sure he or she chooses the right one that fits the needs and measurements of the garage space,” Robert says.

He points out that there are basic components of a homeowner needs to consider when deciding on the right garage door opener model for the home.

“In addition to standard quality requirements plus your personal preference, you must also think about the motor power supply, motor size and drive system that works best for you,” he says.

“Also anytime you notice your garage door jams or hear some weird noises for the door or a discoloration on the panel, it’s time to call professionals like Neighborhood Garage Door Services for the necessary repairs or servicing,” he adds.

Another top expert with the local door company, Nick says the importance of using the right professionals when buying or fixing a faulty garage door is underlined by the fact that a poorly or wrongly installed door could become counter-productive.

“Badly located or fixed garage doors could be of interest to petty thieves and more violent criminals alike. They may not only provide criminals with access to the home in many cases, the criminal that gains entrance to the garage could remain hidden for long periods,” Nick says.

Solid garage doors to protect your prized car.

Solid garage doors to protect your prized car.

Alexa Bing

How to Be Proactive with Your Garage Door Security

In addition to the need to buy only a garage door that perfectly fits your property and from trusted and experienced merchants vast in home security matters, Nicks offers the following tips to homeowners on using their garage doors.

  1. Avoid the common practice of leaving garage door remotes in your vehicle. It only takes a thief breaking into the car to gain access into your home.
  2. Make sure the emergency release for your garage door is properly secured. Criminals have some work-around that allows them to bypass the release. Talk to your local garage doors company if you need help on this.
  3. Make sure there is a strong deadbolt between your house and garage if they are connected.
  4. Only install a garage door that is standard and durable enough to be an exterior door for your property. The best garage doors are made of reinforced steel and solid wood. An anti-kick device will also offer an added layer of protection for you.
  5. Keep your garage door locked at all times. Remember, leaving your garage door open could be all the invitation a criminal needs to come into your home and wait for darkness to fulfil their clandestine mission. Think about a criminal hiding in the dark part of the garage waiting for you to get home!
  6. Modern security systems come with motion detector lights, and it’s always a smart and safe idea for a homeowner to upgrade their existing light fixtures in and around the garage to motion detector lights.
  7. Make sure the door between your house and garage is equipped with a wide peephole. Alternatively, have a night-mode camera installed. This will allow you to check out any noise without taking the risk of going in to investigate on your own.
  8. Make sure your garage windows are always properly covered. Make it difficult for anyone to see through from the outside. Using tints work best but you can also use tape and paper to cover the window from the inside.
  9. Resist the habit to leave your garage door half open. Most homeowners are guilty of this because they don’t want to avoid having to pull the doors up and down each time they go in and out.

This is not only a safety hazard (you could get trapped or seriously injured if the door suddenly drops under the strain of continuously suspending its weight in the midair), it could also become a security risk. A petty thief or even violent intruder could take advantage of an open door when no one is looking to slink inside and perfect his dark plans.

This reaffirms that garage door security is not to be taken lightly; don’t just see it as an exterior accessory on your property.

“In addition to preserving your automobiles and some of your other most valuable possessions from being stolen or damaged, perfectly fitted and maintained garage doors can significantly add to the aesthetics and worth of your home. It can enhance your safety and security, and as well spruce up the look and value of your property,” Says Robert on a conclusive note.

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