Neighborhood ‘Karen’ Filmed Asking Black Woman To Remove Her ‘Tacky’ Tigger Flag

“I don’t like it,” the woman was filmed saying of the “Winnie the Pooh” flag flying from a home in Birmingham, Alabama.

A woman in Alabama apparently finds the creatures of the Hundred Acre Wood appalling.

She recently knocked on the door of her 29-year-old neighbor — who filmed the interaction in a now-viral TikTok video — to complain about the Tigger flag flying on the younger woman’s Birmingham property.

Tigger is a peppy stuffed tiger from A.A. Milne’s “Winnie the Pooh” stories.

The 29-year-old, who goes by “Ambrosia” on TikTok but identified herself only as Tayler to HuffPost, captioned the polite yet tense exchange “Watch my interaction with a Karen.” It has been viewed over 10.5 million times on TikTok.

“I want to talk about this Tigger flag,” the neighbor can be seen informing Tayler in the footage taken from her front porch. “I don’t like it.”

She then compliments the American flag flying on Tayler’s property, saying it’s “real nice,” before adding that she doesn’t complain about other aspects of Tayler’s property, such as shrubs she claims need to be cut.

She then zeroes back in on what she deems an aesthetically displeasing flag.

“It makes it look tacky — it makes the neighborhood look tacky,” the neighbor says.

Tayler listens to her neighbor’s complaint but stands her ground. “It doesn’t [look tacky], but that’s OK,” she responds. “You’re allowed your opinion.”

Although Tayler kept her cool during the interaction, she told HuffPost via Instagram that she was “mostly shocked” by the encounter.

“Really? Over Tigger?” she recalled thinking when she realized what her neighbor was offended by. “Then it was just funny. When I asked her what was wrong with it, she ignored me.”

Tayler’s neighbor also casually threatens her in the video by talking about allegedly broken ordinances.

“And we have rules,” the neighbor says. “I don’t want to have to go find out what they are, but I don’t like that.”

Tayler says in her TikTok that there isn’t a homeowners’ association in their neighborhood.

“We have no rules,” Tayler told HuffPost. “Even for the community.”

In the video, the neighbor eventually leaves, muttering that she’s going to find out about these so-called rules.

Tayler told HuffPost that the Tigger flag has been hanging in her yard for about a week — and is still flying. She also said she’s not particularly surprised by her neighbor’s house call.

“I’ve known her for 15 years,” Tayler told HuffPost, not wanting to identify her neighbor by name. “She’s always complaining. We just let her say her [piece] and keep moving.”

She added: “We just caught it on camera this time.”

And although Tayler is fine ignoring her neighbor’s behavior, Twitter wasn’t, pointing it out as another example of a white person trying to police a Black person’s behavior.

And of course, due to the absurdity of the situation, there were also plenty of jokes.

Tayler told HuffPost that she later got somewhat of an apology from her nosy neighbor.

“She literally drove by and shouted out her window, ‘I’m sorry,’” Tayler said.

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