Entire Neighborhood Flies Rainbow Flags After Bigots Egg Their Gay Neighbors

“One person’s act of fear and maliciousness created such a powerful statement of love."

A Massachusetts-based lesbian couple received an amazing display of solidarity from their neighbors this week after vandals stole a Pride flag from the front of their home and egged their front porch while they were out of town.

Lauri and Cari Ryding initially hung the Pride flag following the Pulse nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in American history. The incident at their home served as a reminder why they hung the flag in the first place.

“It was our first experience in Natick of having any type of prejudice,” Cari Ryding said. “We hadn’t experienced it all, and it kind of broke open our little cocoon.”

After the egging of the Ryding’s home, their neighbors came together to show their love and support for the couple ― by flying rainbow flags from all of their houses as well. According to The Boston Globe, over 40 homes in the neighborhood made hung flags from their houses, showing love and support for their lesbian neighbors.


“It just happened so quickly ― the whole neighborhood said, ‘Get me a flag. Get me a flag. Get me a flag,’” neighbor Penni Rochwerger reportedly stated. “If we can stop whatever hate is out there, I think that’s really important.”

This moment in Boston is just one of many powerful displays of community-based solidarity with the LGBT community since the Pulse nightclub massacre.

The Rydings told WCVB that they filed a police report in case the vandals return, but they feel encouraged and hopeful from the support from their friends and neighbors.

“One person’s act of fear and maliciousness created such a powerful statement of love,” Lauri Ryding stated. “We are very blessed, very fortunate.”

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