Gretchen Knudsen, Los Angeles Resident, Explains How Her Neighborhood Watch Group Avoided Intrinsic Biases

How One LA Neighborhood Watch Group Avoids Biases

In areas where crime is common, the neighborhood watch can bring communities together and provide a sense of security. But in the wake of the Zimmerman trial, neighborhood watch groups have been called into question by some.

Los Angeles resident Gretchen Knudsen joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to talk about the efforts in her neighborhood.

Knudsen talked about a recent situation where an individual was lingering nearby for several days and making her uncomfortable. Rather than jumping to conclusions, Knudsen said she reached out to her neighbors and gauged how they were feeling. They only contacted the Los Angeles Police Department after they all agreed that they felt uncomfortable.

Knudsen said because there was no immediate threat, her neighbors took the opportunity to talk to one another and check their perceptions before taking action.

"We don't have to give into that initial reaction of fear or feeling scared," she told HuffPost Live. "We had the opportunity to reach out to one another, to use technology, to reach out with our neighbors and really rectify the situation with the guidance of the police in a very effective manner that came to a peaceful resolution."

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