4 Neighborhoods Travelers Are Discovering In Droves

Meet your next vacation location.

Many travelers want to avoid tourist traps and venture off the beaten path. But this can be difficult to do, mostly because it requires insider knowledge about where “off the beaten path” even is.

Thankfully, Airbnb compiled a list of neighborhoods that really took off with travelers in 2016. These areas saw major increases in Airbnb bookings ― as much as 1,500 percent! ― over the last year. While they’re close to the action in some of America’s top travel cities, these enclaves are also worthy destinations in their own right. Prepare a spot on your travel radar for:

Midtown, Miami
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Just over a bridge from the beach, this "pocket-sized"area, as Airbnb calls it, is a pleasant collection of cafes, shops and coffee joints alongside the vibrant street murals of the Wynwood Arts District.
Lyndale, Minneapolis

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This small slice of south Minneapolis is peppered with artist hangouts, cozy bars and some of the yummiest ice cream in the state. Lyndale Avenue, which extends through and beyond the neighborhood borders, is a window-shopper's dream.
West Seattle
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This area has a delightfully small-town feel and comes with a beachfront, record store and some darn delicious croissants. Book a kayak tour offshore in Elliott Bay.
Milneburg, New Orleans

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This neighborhood's mellow vibe has been providing travelers a refreshing break from French Quarter chaos since the 1840s. Take a walk to check out the lighthouse, a relic from Milneburg's beginnings as a port area for cargo ships.