These 'Neighbors From Hell' Texts Show Home Is Where The Hate Is

Unless you live on a farm or you own a huge piece of land (lucky you), you have neighbors. Sometimes you love your neighbors (especially when they offer you a beer). But sometimes you really can't stand them. They're loud, they won't move their car and they still haven't returned your lawn mower.

Now you don't have to fume in silence. You can take solace in the wonderful Instagram account that is "Neighbors From Hell," which claims to collect "real" texts from "real" people. Here are seven situations from the account we're sure all of us can relate to.

1. When they are not only asking you to be quiet, but also telling you that your daughter isn't talented.

2. When you want to be a Good Samaritan but your neighbor wants to be the rudest person ever.

3. When you were really just asking for a simple "Yes" or "No" answer but got a lecture instead.

4. When your neighbors insist on being the ones to give your kids the sex talk.

5. When you gave your neighbor a coat to borrow and you actually believed that they lost it.

6. When your neighbor decides to give you some unwanted advice on your breakup.

7. And that moment when you finally realize your neighbor has been stealing your WiFi because they had to ask you an urgent request.



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