Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie Goes Gaga For Google Glass

This Governor Loves Him Some Google Goggles

Voters in Hawaii might reelect a burgeoning Glasshole.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie seems to understand why people go bonkers for Google Glass. He put on a pair at a news conference (in which Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced his endorsement of Abercrombie’s reelection campaign) and got excited.

“I just Googled you!” he said to Caldwell.

The glasses, which are essentially Google for your face, were loaned to Abercrombie by Hawaii-based Oceanit, a science and engineering firm beta-testing the technology for Google.

Shane Peters, the communications director for Abercrombie's campaign, told HuffPost in an email that Abercrombie only wears them occasionally at select campaign events where he can interact with voters. "It's an opportunity to capture his experiences on the campaign trail. It's basically the P.O.V. of the governor, a novel way to highlight what it's like to be a candidate, and an opportunity for him to embrace emerging tech -- something he has a passion about."

Whether or not the video below shows what it's like to be a person running for governor, it definitely shows us what it's like to be someone hyped up on Google Glass. “This little thing, like I’m looking right now!” he said, pointing to trees.

He also wore them for earlier an appearance at what looks like a bon dance when he and some fans took this meta Google selfie.

At the rate he's going, Gov. Abercrombie will be a classic Glasshole in no time -- and we're totally OK with that.

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