Fox News' Neil Cavuto Spends 10 Minutes Taking Aim At His Trump-Supporting Critics

The trolls came for Cavuto after his blistering criticism of Trump on Thursday. On Friday, he fought back.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said he knew he’d “get an earful” after accusing President Donald Trump of creating a “moral bust” on Thursday night’s broadcast of “Your World.”

“And sure enough I did,” he revealed on Friday’s show.

Cavuto has previously been known to read the nasty messages he’s received in response to a segment, live on air. But this time, he decided to react differently — by grouping the “thousands” of angry social media posts and emails he was sent into 10 categories based on “why many of you think I said it.”

Cavuto then spent almost 10 minutes explaining just why explanations for his criticism of the president were because he “just hates Trump,” “is just a left-wing lunatic” and “is angry he hasn’t been granted a Trump interview” were indeed fake news.

Check out the segment below: