Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explain How Ludicrously Rich Bill Gates Is

Bill Gates is far, far richer than you. And in case you needed a reminder, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is here to explain.

During a 2011 speech at the University of Washington that's caught the attention of the Internet this week, the astrophysicist and "Cosmos" host says that if he sees some loose change on the street, he imagines it would only be worth his while to pick it up if it were 25 cents or more. So Tyson asks: "How much money has to be laying in the street for Bill Gates to be too busy to pick it up?"

The answer will make you even more depressed about your checking account.

Even sadder? Gates' net worth when Tyson spoke three years ago was $50 billion. After regaining the top spot on the world's rich list from Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim in March, the Microsoft founder was estimated to be worth $76 billion.

So on second thought, definitely pick up that quarter on the sidewalk.