Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Miles O'Brien Slam CNN Over Climate Change Coverage

Neil deGrasse Tyson brought former CNN science journalist Miles O'Brien on to his radio program Sunday to discuss some of the problems in contemporary journalism, and one thing they both agreed on: Networks are covering climate change all wrong.

Specifically, CNN.

Speaking to Tyson on "Star Talk Live" on Sunday night, O'Brien criticized his old network's handling of scientific news, joking that it fired him and his entire unit for not knowing enough "about the Kardashians."

"CNN is on 24 hours, 365 [days] ... and yet, they would say, when I came in with a 2 minute and 30 second piece, 'We don't have enough time,'" he said. "I'm sorry, you have all the time!"

Despite studies that show that 95 to 97 percent of scientists worldwide believe that global warming is happening, O'Brien wondered why networks like CNN still give so much air time to climate change deniers.

"Is it fair in a story about climate change, which I'm obviously talking about, to do this classic journalistic convention of equal time for both sides?" he asked. "This is a huge mistake, I think, for journalists."

Tyson agreed that it's not balanced to take "a person from that 5 percent" of scientists and give them "50 percent of your time." (Comedian John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight" recently provided an example of what that "debate" would look like if things were more proportional.)

"There is no scientific debate!" O'Brien later exclaimed.

LISTEN above for a clip from StarTalk Radio Show.

(h/t: Mediaite)