Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Life And The Universe While Eating Hot Wings

Ever get curious about his career in exotic dance?

The world’s favorite astrophysicist shows us once again how iconic he is by eating wings while explaining the infinite universe. 

Clearly, this was the moment Neil deGrasse Tyson was born for. 

Yeah, we probably should be paying attention to the important facts about science and the universe anyway, but we’re really just here to see how quickly deGrasse Tyson taps out in this “First We Feast” video. Some of these sauces are like liquid fire, but the man is not deterred.

In between the hot wings, though, our man drops some hot takes. Did you know that he was almost a dancer? Yeah, that kind of dancer.

In grad school, Tyson was already in a dance company and one of his friends recommended a club where he could get some extra cash.

 “I go there, the guys came out in jockstraps only, but they were asbestos-lined and lighter fluid was poured onto them and set on fire,” deGrasse Tyson said. “And they came out dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls of Fire.’” 

Needless to say, broke student Tyson decided to tutor math instead.

Don’t worry guys, he does talk about science too. Evans asks the big question, just after they both endure the “Mega Death” hot wing. (We’re massively impressed by how well Tyson does, by the way.)

What is the significance of a single human in the infinite universe? 

Well Tyson begins his answer by telling us what the top four atoms in both the universe and our bodies are hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.

“So upon learning that you’re not special because you do not contain special ingredients, is the same fact that includes the idea that while we live in this universe, the universe lives within us,” he said. “We are special because we are the same.”