The Parts Of 'Interstellar' Even Neil deGrasse Tyson Didn't Understand

Two days after Neil deGrasse Tyson praised a lot of the science in Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," the famed astrophysicist focused on some of the film's fiction. Over a series of nine tweets that he called "Mysteries of #Interstellar," Tyson took the movie to task for some of its plot contrivances. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Much has been made about the confounding plot to "Interstellar," but audience members should take solace in the fact that not even Tyson understood everything. For instance, that bookshelf he mentions above? That's a reference to the end of the film, where Matthew McConaughey's Coop is in a fifth dimensional tesseract which exists just behind the bookcase in his daughter's bedroom. There, he uses Morse code to communicate with her by pushing books off the shelf. The book titles are completely irrelevant to that task. Good point about the wormhole, though.



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