Neil deGrasse Tyson Narrating This Ballet Video Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

Everyone's favorite astrophysicist and the Dance Theatre of Harlem just created the most spellbinding video ever.

Neil deGrasse Tyson might be giving Morgan Freeman a run for his money when it comes to the voice-over game. 

The famed astrophysicist, cosmologist and author narrates a video for Dance Theatre of Harlem's "Power. On Pointe." performances which will take place from April 6 to April 9, and it's absolutely mesmerizing. Tyson's words move harmoniously with the ballet dancers as they twirl and glide across celestial backdrops. 

"There's a force out there more compelling than anything in the universe," Tyson says in the video above. "An unceasing energy that opens vistas to new worlds and transports humans to far off places in the blink of an eye." Tyson says, using the properties of the universe as a metaphor for the power of ballet.

For a second, the video above seems just like an episode of National Geographic Channel's "Cosmos." Tyson reminds us of the marvels right here on earth, however, when he reminds us that "while most the galaxy's phenomena are best viewed from a safe distance, this force must be seen up close."

Simply brilliant.



Ballet Dancers Changing the Landscape